Augusts’s prayer bulletin is here!

Click here to download is as a PDF document, or just keep reading…

Our aim is to to publish prayer information monthly, to cover all aspects of the work and every volunteer by name over 12 months. In addition, we will include any current matters of which we are aware.


The centre provides vocational training for orphans, vulnerable children, and community youth. They are taught sewing, beading, carpentry, computing, brick laying.

Please pray for:

  • Linke, Volunteer Coordinator
  • A new Volunteer Centre Manager for the Youth Skills Development Centre
  • Jeffrey (computing), Dudu, Elizabeth, Martha, Vuyisile (sewing), Lydia (beading), Clement (carpentry) Volunteer Teachers
  • Jane: Volunteer Support Worker
  • A sponsor(s) to provide £600 per month for teachers’ incentives
  • The successful submission of our application for Lottery funding due for submission by 3 September
  • Sellinah who has taken on the role of Orphan and Vulnerable Children Field Coordinator, following Sophie Banda’s death in May

Give Thanks for God’s comfort for Ma Flo, and continuing prayers as she grieves for Eurica.

Sellinah, Orphan & Vulnerable Children Field Coordinator

Sellinah, Orphan & Vulnerable Children Field Coordinator


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