September’s prayer bulletin has (belatedly) arrived!

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Our aim is to to publish prayer information monthly, to cover all aspects of the work and every volunteer by name over 12 months. In addition, we will include any current matters of which we are aware.


The programme identifies young people within the seven local secondary schools and 15 primary schools, and trains them to become peer leaders, empowering them to become positive role models and agents of community change. The main focus is on sex education and HIV/AIDS awareness.  GOLD, a separate charity, covers three schools; Masoyi Home Based Care covers the other four, but currently lacks funding.


  • Lerato, GOLD Coordinator
  • Rosemary (leader), Thandeka, Enork (male), GOLD Youth facilitators
  • Sakhile, Evans, Charles (all males), Xobile, Masoyi HBC facilitators
  • Peer educators selected and trained by facilitators in each school.
  • That the programme will be effective in bringing positive change in young people’s lives.
  • The four gardens grow: Lettuce, Cabbage, Green peppers, Tomatoes, Green onions, Papaya, Beetroot.  Vegetables are used to supplement the children’s diets, and to provide some food stability that is not dependent on outside donors.  They are used in the kitchens at the two care centres, and also distributed to homes. (The gardens are mainly worked by grannies, and orphan and vulnerable children volunteers in the holidays.)
  • Ellah, Nomsa, Millia, Nurse, Mariah, Fridah and Sarah, garden coordinators, and their volunteers.
  • The continuing reliability of each standpipe on site, which is essential.
  • Good, healthy crops.
Collecting water from a standpipe

Collecting water from a standpipe


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