October’s prayer bulletin is here!

Click here to download is as a PDF document, or just keep reading…

Our aim is to publish prayer information monthly, to cover all aspects of the work and every volunteer by name over 12 months. In addition, we will include any current matters of which we are aware.


There are 45-50 children at the Lula care centre, and 30-35 at the K2 care centre. All the children will receive breakfast, lunch, and a snack in the afternoon. The children learn rhymes and songs. The care workers also help wash and mend clothes for the children

Please pray for:

  • Loveness, the centre coordinator.
  • Zandile, Gertrude, Khimbi, who teach.
  • Lwazi (male), the cook.
  • Security guards: Loveness is trying to recruit. The care centre has an electric fence, set at night and weekends.
  • Successful funding applications for an additional classroom, and repairs to existing ones.
  • The selection of an assistant for Patricia and Lorencia, the nurses, in patient visiting, from among existing local volunteers.
  • Funding for admin staff: the current funding ended in September, leaving these volunteers with no incentive payments.
some of our wonderful admin staff

some of our wonderful admin staff


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