Admin volunteer incentives: It seems God was at work ahead of our prayers on this one.  Bright Hope, a New Zealand charity, has agreed to fund five of the office staff; and it is likely that Starfish Greathearts, another charity with a UK base, will fund the other three!

BUT… Pat Mdluli, the Marketing Manager and a key member, may still not have enough income to keep him: he has a 3/4-year son and siblings to provide for.  Potentially, he could find work as a waiter for £200pm.

Sellinah, who recently started as Child Care Coordinator, has been very active in her new role; yesterday, she took an exam for a computer course she has been doing.

Penelopie (Penny) Maphanga: some of you will remember Penny from 2014 when she failed her matric., after being ill.  She has now been chosen to do a 12-month course to train as a Health Promotion Officer at a nearby nursing school, at no cost.  (Masoyi Home Based Care provide practical experience for the school’s trainees, and this is the ‘reward’.)  But she needs money for her uniform (I am waiting for a price but probably £25-40), and £5/week bus fare.  Please let us know if you would like to fund her.


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