Seven more families get food.

Part of recent donation from St Lukes Church in Leek, Staffs, is being used to fund food parcels for seven families for five months.  Let us introduce you to some of them:

The M .family

“This family has no source of income, and there are four members in the family; the aunt, granny and two children who are not getting any child support grant.”

The S. family

“This family [of three children aged 11, 6 and 4] is staying in a 2 room house, with their granny, and H’s mother who is ill. Practically, there is no one who is providing for this family. At times, they will have to go days without having eaten anything but drinking water.”

The N. family

“In this family there are four children, all living in a one room shack . Their names are; R(14) who is doing grade 7, A (10) who is doing grade 3, A (8) who is doing grade 2, and S (6) who is doing grade R. They are staying alone, due to the separations of their parents. Their father stays in Johannesburg, they don’t know where their mother is.”

The P. family

“This is a family of a young woman, who is doing grade 12, and she is 19 years old. Her younger brother she is staying with is B (12) who is doing grade 6. They are a child headed household and they do not receive any income or grant. They depend on Masoyi HBC, and at times are the neighbours who are giving them some food. They do not have anyone who is looking after them, no relative whatsoever, so they rely on Masoyi HBC to help them with whatever that they need.”

Let us thank God that some basic needs are being met for a period of time.


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