Future funding objectives

Last November, we were able to send £4,000 to the Project in Masoyi, most of this money coming from a one-off donation which will not be repeated.  Among other things, this gift funded the following:

·      Food parcels for 10 families                         (Jan-Jun)         £750

·      Transport for Peer Education Programme  (Jan-Jun)         £210

·      Refreshments for Peer Educators                (Jan-Jun)         £185

·      Transport for Childcare activities                (Jan-Jun)         £230

·      Incentive payments:

– 7 Peer Education Facilitators @ £30pm   (Feb-Apr)        £630

– 1 Admin volunteer @ £37.50pm                (Jan-Jun)         £225

As an initial goal, Masoyi Trust (UK) would like to be able to fund these programmes on a continuing basis, which means we need to be able to send another £630 before the end of April, and then some £6,000pa spread across the year.  Generally, we do not intend to tie in donations to specific programmes, but the above have been identified by those ‘on the ground’ in Masoyi as current priorities.

(We plan to give you more information about the Peer Education Programme in the near future.)


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