Drought and Generosity

More from Frank and Ruthie Wey:

This year has been the hottest we have ever experienced in the many years we have been coming here, with temperatures being in the 100’s most days. There also has been an incredible drought. Rivers and ponds and springs and water holes of all sorts were dried up. It is almost impossible to produce anything in a garden. Even the animals in Kruger Park have been dying. The government provides water trucks to deliver water to the community, but these come perhaps every other week and sometimes at longer intervals. There is no actual schedule. It’s inconceivable to me to have no water – to drink, cook, wash oneself, wash clothes and dishes, etc. We are so very blessed to not only have water, but running water. These people have no water coming from their sinks and have no indoor toilets. They truly live from day to day trusting the Lord for water and food.  [There has been rain over the last week or so.]


We have come across some very kind people, who help their neighbors with food. I am slowly finding out that some of our community workers have been helping their patients with food. These workers make little, if any, money themselves and have families of their own. My heart is so touched by the love, kindness and generosity they show.


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