Rain Jacket Given

More from Frank and Ruthie in Masoyi:

We have a handicapped man, 42 years old, Given, who comes to Masoyi K2 every day. He does odd jobs, including sweeping. At one point he was getting paid a small amount by a sponsor, who has since dropped out. He comes anyway. Last week, his handicap grant from the government was stolen by what Patricia described as “criminals”. Yesterday, he came to K2 in the pouring rain (praise God for all the rain we are now getting. It has been raining for the most part of the past week and is predicted to continue for the next week!). He was soaked. Because of arm and leg deformities, he cannot hold an umbrella. Frank and I were able to buy him a lined rain jacket and give it to him in the afternoon. I hope I never forget the sheer joy on his face and the incredible hug he gave me. Tears come to my eyes just thinking of it. The people at Masoyi do not treat him any differently than any other person and that so spoke to me. He is totally accepted for who he is. In fact a few ladies argue that he is their “man” and it brings a big smile to Given’s face.



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