Children in Need

Two weeks ago, four children came to Jabulile at K2. They were hungry. They usually come for the after school meal, so they knew where to come for help. Their mother has passed away and they live with their granny. Apparently their granny now was in Mattekuan(sp?) Hospital. The oldest was a girl, 11, named Quntelin. She had 3 younger brothers, ages 8 (Tsepiso), 5 (Bonele) and 4 (Sipusina). Thembi in the kitchen gave them food, as well as cooked food to take home for the evening. The next morning Jabulile, with Fanie’s help, brought them to the ASM Clinic. She had asked me to take them, but I did not have enough room in our small car to bring her and four children, as well as a friend’s daughter (whom I had promised the night before to take). I met them there and paid for the orphans. Before she could bring them, she took them into Debra’s office with a large basin of water to wash them, as they were so dirty. She found some clothes for them in their storeroom of donated clothing. It turns out they had scabies and were given medicine at ASM. With the help of the local social worker, Jabulile was able to get them into a temporary safe house near Kabukueni (sp?). The one in Masoyi had no room. They had one other granny, who worked in Nelspruit, who did not want them. Jabulile also checked with a neighbor to see if they could assist, but they refused. I spoke with Quntelin while at ASM and was so surprised to learn she not only spoke English very well, but could read an English Bible.


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