Disabled Children

And more from Frank and Ruthie:

A couple of weeks ago, I visited 3 households in Jerusalem. They all had severely handicapped children. It was so very sad. One, Katlego was 15 (looked 9) and was in a wheelchair. His mother left him alone a couple of years ago and Social Services took him for a year. The mom begged for him back and now has him. She seems to care for him very much, so I don’t really understand the situation. However, she doesn’t want to send him to a handicapped school and Mamachie was encouraging her to do so. The Mom has been on ARV’s [HIV/Aids medication] for 2 years and looks well.

Frank and I both visited a 9 yr. old girl in Jerusalem with Hovy. She is 9 years old and was lying on the floor. At age 6, she was hit by a car and is now paralyzed from the waist down. They said she had a brain injury. She can’t talk or walk. We prayed for her and she smiled at us and reached out to touch us. We were later told that the lady caring for her is hired by the government and that another one comes in at night to take care of her.


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