Cancer and TB

From Frank & Ruthie Wey:

The life of the people here in Masoyi remains difficult, to say the least. One of our patients, A, in Phola is on ARV’s but not recovering very well. He coughs and smokes and was advised to test for TB and stop smoking. Mamachie spoke with him for a while, encouraging him to stop trusting his ancestors (traditional beliefs) and to trust in Jesus only. The man agreed and she led him to the Lord!

Another woman, D, also in Phola, is yet another patient with stomach cancer. We prayed with her, gave her scriptures and left her with a Bible.

F is a woman in Mtimba. We saw her sister in the past, who was very sick, but is well now. F has been sick since 2008 but it was just discovered that she is HIV+. She has just started ARV’s. She tested negative for TB, so they gave her something new to me – a medication that is a preventative for TB called Trimozozol. We have found a few patients now taking this. We pray it is effective. TB is so rampant and many people die from it because of the multi-drug resistant strain (MDR TB).


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