More patients

Weys 2016 (9) OVC& carerNews from Frank & Ruthie:

The third shack was Nozipo’s mom, also on ARV’s [anti-retroviral drugs]. Her name is Lizzi Nkomani. She has been on ARV’s for 3 years and is feeling well. However, she is not working and has only one grant from a grandchild. We left food with her and with Nozipo.

Last week we visited Thandeka, also in Mahushu. We had visited her last week. She has cancer also. She looks well and was very happy to see us and gave us huge hugs. Her mother told the workers that her daughter is losing her mind. Thandeka spoke to Lorancia, who confirmed the girl was not making any sense. Such a shame. We suspect she is not taking her ARV’s well. This is apparently one of the results of defaulting on ARV’s.

We have visited Lillian twice. She is on ARV’s but not recovering well. She has a similar story of a husband, who refuses to be checked for HIV or take ARV’s. Thus her health is at great risk. I encouraged her to pray that the Lord would change her husband. Apparently his family has tried to convince him but to no avail.



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