Thank you

Frank and Ruthie are back home in the US now.  On the day they left Masoyi, Frank had this letter from a patient they had visited several times.  [‘Pastor’ is a term of respect given to any overseas male visitor.]

“Dear Pastor,

First of all, in the name of Jesus, I greet you and I like to say thankful to all you did to me and I like to say thank you for your prayer, time, food, care and your love that you show me all the time.

And I must thank God to send you to me and give me a strong prayer, no one else has ever made me feel as alive, as special or as happy as you do.  Ever since the day I met you I’ve known that God is with me and He loved me.

Sometimes I was thinking I’m lonely no one care about me, but now I know that I have extended family that need me, love me and care about me  people like you and your team.
Weys 2016 (21) Dudu under tree(3)Do one favour for me my lovely pastor  pass this message to your lovely family.  I like to thanks them to allowed you to come South Africa to help poor people like me  I don’t have much to say to you (thank you very much my dear pastor) without prayer I’m nothing.

I will missed you a lot, but if I miss you, I will wear that necklace you gave me [a ‘Jesus’ fish] and read that Bible you gave me and pray and ask God to help me.  Please send my regards and my love to America  tell them I love you all in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.  With all my due respect and my love, I like to say to my lovely pastor (farewell have a nice trip, travel safe and enjoy yourself pastor)  I will missed your love, prayer and your care and your smile that you show me.

I will really really really missed you too much but I will see you soon when you come back.

Bye-bye dear pastor

From D.


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