Trustee Meeting on 2nd June

How exciting!  Three things that may interest you:


We recived over £10,000 between November and 5 April (our year-end), much to our surprise!  £5,000 of this will fund building two secure houses for child-headed families.  God overwhelmed the ‘faith target’ we set in January, so, without being able to see where most of it could come from, we have set a revised income target of £12,000 by next April 5th.

Donations to the Project

We have sent £5,200 to the Project to date, to fund some one-off costs, but mostly to fund ongoing programmes for the six months to June.  We want to be able to continue funding these programmes into the future, and are waiting to hear revised costs.  It’s mostly food parcels (for ten families) and the peer education programme.

2017 Trip?

We have little experience and skill as yet, but we hope to organize a trip to Masoyi Home Based Care Project next year, probably for two weeks.  This would be to ‘walk’ with the local volunteers, in their communities and in the three centres run by the Project.  This is still embryonic, but if you would like to be kept informed, let us know.


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