Another need for a home

We have been able to send a donation to fund building two houses for orphaned children.  Below is the information we have received about the second family.  (Last time I asked, there were some 90 families in need of secure housing…)

After sitting down and evaluating to check for a family that was in dire need of a house, Masoyi Home Based Care management concluded their sitting with the one needy family. These are the children of Masoyi Home Based Care’s late care worker Sophie Banda who passed away early May 2015 after a short illness. Sophie had served seven years of her life serving the community of Masoyi most specially the orphaned and vulnerable children that she helped in her years as a Care worker for the organisation. At the time of her unfortunate death Sophie was a single mom of three siblings: S., who is a 25 years old male, N., a 16 year old male, and 11 years old little daughter, P.

Sophie was a single parent, and she was living in and guarding a relative’s house when death struck after a rather very short illness.  She did not have a her own house for her and her little kids, but left a behind a stand [plot of land] which she had bought and was planning to build her own house. S. is the one who is currently taking care of his younger siblings with the little money that he earns working at a lodge, but both N. and P. are getting a monthly child support grant from the government. Both N. and P. are currently in school and are doing grade 6 and 7 respectfully.



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