July Prayer Bulletin

Grant Applications: One has been successful, and one has been referred to other grant-making bodies.  The UK application has been deferred to the next accounting period.
Emmah (HR and Finance) asks prayer for “a safe baby birth and healthy baby, which is due this July”. [Healthy baby boy arrived on 8th!]
Adult Patient Care
24 volunteers serve over 400 individuals with home visits.  Please pray:
·      For volunteers delivering personal care.

Shack, careworker Feb2015
·      For monitoring prescribed medication, and the supply of non-prescription medication and food supplements.
·      That a trained nurse will be available to consult.
·      That help can be given with access to clinic/hospital appointments.
·      For ongoing testing for HIV, and TB screening.
·      That open and closed support groups can be maintained and be effective.
·      Please pray for volunteers working in:
Manzini area: Fikile, Agnes
Phola area: Lither (coordinator), Sharon, Thoko
Legogote area: Dumisane (coordinator), Dolca. Dumelo, Annah

They are often the first, early contact for vulnerable children.


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