Food parcel stories (1)

Some of the  money we sent to the Project in June was to continue to provide monthly food parcels to ten families for the rest of 2016.  In fact, only five of those families are continuing to receive food each month.  The other five parcels are being given to those that the care workers find most in need.  Below is a report on the M. family:

  1. M. FAMILY

The M. family is a child-headed family who lost their mother due to illness late last year. There are four children, all attending school.  G. is 24 years old and has a one-year old son.  B. is a boy who is in grade 11 at school. N. and L., both girls, are aged 16 (grade 10) and  9 (grade 3).

malope-familyThey all have birth certificates, and the two youngest are receiving a monthly child support grant of about R350 each from the government. This and G’s son’s grant money is the only income they have. Their father abandoned these kids when they were only minors and he has never set foot to see his kids ever since he left them with their ailing mother.

They are also currently in dispute with their uncle over the house that they are living in: their uncle is claiming it belonged to his parents and therefore he wants them out of the property because he says that he is the rightful owner. We have seen the need to add this family to the food parcel programme after seeing their dire living conditions. The house they are living in is falling apart and is in no condition that people can live in as it poses a malope-family-house-interiorvery great danger to the lives of the children.



The photos are of the children, and the inside of the house.


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