Food parcels stories (2)

2. The NGW. Family

This is the family which previously benefited from a new toilet and some repairs were to their house.  K. is the second born of the Ngw. family.  She has had TB for quite some time now and has defaulted several times. She and her siblings and children have no income whatsoever.  They have been living off Masoyi emergency food parcels.

S., the eldest, is 24 years old and has a 10 year old daughter.  She is followed by K., who has two sons aged 7 and 10.  T. is their younger brother who is in grade 12.  S. is unemployed and struggles to provide for her siblings and nephews. The children lost both their parents when they were still young, and they don’t have birth certificates and ID books.


Recently K. was hospitalized for defaulting on her treatment.  When she asked as to why she had defaulted on her treatment, she said that she could not take tablets on an empty stomach.

They did not have their mother’s death certificate and other relevant documents to apply for their own ID’s.  They have now been to the Department of Home Affairs where they were assisted and were able to apply for identity documents. This means that S. will now be able to seek and apply for employment, and they will also now be able to apply for child support grants and be able to put food on the table.  Meanwhile, we will continue providing the family with the food parcels until they receive their documentation.

(Dale visited this family in 2015, which led to us funding the toilet built for them.)


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