Food parcel stories (3)

This family is also child-headed.  The eldest is 18-year S. Ngo., who is old mentally ill.  She is in grade 5, and her younger siblings are 16 year-old N. in grade 8, and 6-year old W. in grade 2. They lost their mother last year when she died sitting in a queue at the local clinic after suffering from a very short illness. They had been receiving child support grants from the state until then.

They attempted to use their debit cards to withdraw money for their monthly food supplies, but they did not have the pin code for the cards which resulted in the cards blocking.


The challenge that they are currently facing is that they don’t have any of their mother’s documents to be able to apply for new cards with new pin codes, which they can then use to access their grant money.  Before her passing, their mother was trying to build a house for them all.  It isn’t that bad because they are able sleep and cook in it, unlike some families.

We are giving them special attention, and a speedy solution to their grant issue will be established by their care worker, who will accompany the children to the SASSA office to enable them to access their grant money.


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