Food parcels stories (4)


This is a family of three young girls who lost their mother late last year after she took ill while working on a nearby farm.  She was the only bread winner and was struggling very hard to provide for her offspring after the fathers abandoned her with the kids many years ago. The children have different surnames.  P. M., aged 19, dropped out of school due to lack of uniform and money to pay for her fees.  P. N., aged 9, is in grade 6.  S. M., aged 8, is in grade 4.


They are living in appalling conditions in a one-room shack which they have divided into a kitchen and bedroom.  It was built on their uncle’s plot after their mum passed on.  Before their mothers passing they were living with their grandmother on a nearby plot next to their grandmother’s house.  The house doesn’t have any furniture and all they have is a two-plate electric stove, an old bed, and a few pots and dishes.

The two youngest children receive the government child support grant of R350 each [£18.40], which is the only means of income. The challenge that we have with this family is that they need a house and furniture. P.M. has agreed to return to school and complete her matric in order to learn and secure a brighter future.


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