Patient support in July and August

Extracted from a regular Project report:


  • We visited a 33 years old male client who is mentally ill, and his family are not taking care of him because he is HIV positive, and he is not drinking his medications because he got missing sometime.
  • We visited a 45 years old female client who is not working because she doesn’t have an ID document; she is not drinking well her treatment because of hunger. She does not have food and ends up eating soil so that she can drink her treatment.


We do home visits to seven areas.  Cleaning and bathing if necessary.  Feeding the helpless patients.  Monitoring patient’s medication.  DOT [directly obverved treatment] support to patient’s on TB treatment.  Door to Door campaigns.  TB screening and follow-up.  HCT during home visits and at Masoyi home based care.

We did 947 home visits to all the seven Areas of Masoyi community, giving DOT support to those on TB treatment, and TB screening to family members.

11 new TB and HIV clients registered in the program.

20 were counselled ,screened and tested for HIV,, with 5 testing positive and referred to the clinic for CD4 count test.

145 family members screened for signs and symptoms of TB, with 11 referred to the clinic for clinical assessment.

2 deceased client and 8 recovered.


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