Patient Care (1)


Patient and care workers

Extract from a recent report:

In this picture is one of 56 years old male client at Mahushu area and one of our care workers and the HBC nurse giving him gloves and advising him to live positive, he is staying alone in a one room shack, he was diagnose TB (Multiple Drug Resistant) and HIV positive. He defaulted his treatment last January. Now he have diarrhea and he vomits. His problem is drinking alcohol, drinking traditional herbs and he is in denial stage. His sister is the one who is taking care of him during the day. He does not want to go the clinic but we managed to advise him to go to the clinic and we accompanied him and we managed to take him to the clinic.


ACTION: We took him to the clinic, we manage to advise him to take the treatment and not to mix the treatment and to stop alcohol. We gave him pampers, painkiller, gloves, face musk, and we gave him food parcel.


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