Patient Care (3)

Extract from a recent report:

A picture of 42 year old male client and the care worker checking his treatment. He is HIV positive and he is mental ill. He defaulted his treatment December 2015 because he was not staying at home. The clinic referred us as Home based care to go and search for him and we went and we found him and we took him back to the clinic and they gave him treatment. Our second visit we found him that he still not drinking his treatment because he does not know what time to drink and we accompanied him with his mother back to clinic again for further observation and we asked his mother to monitor him every day and she agreed to help him and she took him to stay with her. On our third visit we found that he is taking well his treatment and is doing well, he knows that he must take his treatment for the rest of his life.


Patient and care worker


ACTION: We encouraged his mother to take care of him; we transported him to the clinic. We gave him food parcel and we prayed together.



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