Patient Care (4)

Extract from a recent report:

A picture of 39 year old female client of Phola area. She’s TB and HIV positive, she was diagnosed HIV positive in 2008 then in 2013 she defaulted because she was scared to tell her partner that she was HIV positive then she decided to leave her treatment.  In 2015 they decided to go and test and they were positive and her husband divorced her and went back home.


A patient

Now she is staying with her mother and her two children, and she has started treatment, and she didn’t tell the nurse that she was on treatment and they gave her the same treatment that she was drinking and it didn’t work.  Now she is bedridden and has swollen feet, sore in the feet, diarrhoea, pain all over the body, rush in the mouth, and she vomits when she eats.

Now she is starting afresh her treatment and she told the nurse that she defaulted her treatment in 2013 and they then gave her the right treatment. In our second visit we found  that she is taking well her treatment and she can sit on her own, she can eat, she is doing well.

ACTION: We encouraged her not to default the treatment, and to drink it on time, we gave her gloves, musk, painkiller, savlon, temosol soup, rub-rub, linen saver, pampers, and we gave her food parcel.


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