Patient care (6)

The picture is of a 49-year old male client with our HBC nurse. He is HIV positive.  On our first visit he was bedridden; his feet were swollen, coughing, and his sputum had blood on it.  He was not eating well because he was vomiting when he tried to eat, so we called an ambulance and he was admitted to hospital for two months.  They found that he was TB positive and he started his TB treatment. He was discharged 12 August 2016, and on our second visit we found that he is doing well because he was eating food and not vomiting anymore.  But his feet were still swollen and painful, and was and coughing.  He is drinking well his treatment. He is staying with his two children, boys of 15 and 12 years. He is not getting the child support grants because the mother of the children took their birth certificates, and she is the one who gets the money. They are staying in two rooms.




ACTION: We manage to do TB screening to the children, and we referred them to the clinic for further assessment.  We referred the case of the social grant to the social worker, who helped him because they managed to stop the grant and they went to the mother to take the birth certificates and they give them to the father.  He has applied for the social grant, and also his own grant, so now his waiting for it.  We gave him painkiller, rub-rub and one of the five food parcels.


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