Patient care (7)

Below is the picture of M’s family that is staying in a one room shack.  There are four in that family: 24-year old M, who is HIV positive, and her child; her 79-year old grandmother who stays nearby (she is the one that is looking after them because their mother passed away and their uncle gave them two months’ notice to leave the place because this shack belongs to him); and the 21-year old second born who didn’t finish school.  The third born is 15 years old and doing grade 8 at school; and the youngest is 8 and doing grade 2.

No-one is working in this fa11-patientfamilymily they depend on the child support grant. On our second visit, we found that they are not staying in the same place because the uncle chased them out of the house, and now they are staying with the grandmother.








ACTION: We advised the 21-year old  to go back to school to finish her matric.  We referred them to the social worker, and we gave them the food parcel.


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