Patient care (8)

A 41-year old male client in the Phola area. He was diagnosed with TB (Multiple-drug resistant) and HIV positive. To begin with, he didn’t take his treatment because he was in denial – his wife and child had passed away, and he believed that he was under wichtcraft. He was drinking traditional herbs and alcohol, and smoking. He had sores in the mouth, bedsores, scrotum, swollen feet, diarrhea, vomiting when he tried to eat, and sweating while feeling cold. He was alone in a two-room shack, and he had lost his ID document.



We advised him to go to the clinic so that he can be treated, and took him the same day. The clinic referred him to hospital (that specializes with TB), where he stayed for four months. The hospital referred him to the social worker, who got his ID document.  On our second visit, we found him doing fine.  He is taking well with both treatments, and has already applied for the social grant.





ACTION: We encouraged him to take his treatment, gave him rub-rub painkiller and savlon, and we gave him a food parcel.


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