Patient care (9)

This is a 33-year old male client at Jerusalem. He was diagnosed HIV positive and he was drinking well his treatment but not getting better.15-patient-on-crutches

At the clinic, they found nothing, and thought he was not taking well his treatment.  We encouraged him not to give up with the treatment, and did more test of other diseases.  We done TB screening, and we referred him to the clinic with the signs and symptoms.  They didn’t find anything, but instead of getting better he was getting worse – he was coughing blood.  We referred him to Acts clinic because they had X-ray.  They did more tests and they checked him with X-ray, and they found that he had TB.  He started his treatment for TB had bad effects for three months, with vomiting, swollen feet, rush in the body.  But we continued to encourage him that he must not leave off or mix the treatment with traditional herbs, and not to smoke.  He got better, and he has applied for the social grant. Now he is doing better, and he can walk with the crutches.  We gave him food parcel.




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