Frank and Ruthie Wey Report (5)

“In Mthimba, we met J. and his brother, H. J. has gangrene toes. He is on ARV’s and was told he needed to stop smoking, as this was causing poor circulation. He was referred to the clinic. However, when I asked him if he knew Jesus, he said no. We talked to him and prayed with him and he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He cannot read but we will bring a Bible to his brother to read to him. H. also promised to take J. to church with him.”

2. Bonisiwe-house repair - Version 2

“B. is a woman with four children, three girls in school and a one year old boy. She has two broken doors and four broken windows. We have once again hired John, Mamatji’s [care worker] friend, to repair the house for them. It is a dangerous situation, especially with three girls. When I asked the care worker about a husband, she told me her four children have four different fathers. Apparently B. is mentally challenged and they explained to me that people take advantage of her.”


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