Frank and Ruthie Wey Report (8)

“Today was an amazing day in Mahushu! Four men accepted Jesus into their hearts!! They were at three different houses. One was F. who is on ARV’s and started TB medicine last week. He was wearing a sangoma bracelet. We explained who Jesus is and that he had to choose between witchcraft and Jesus. He chose Jesus and cut the bracelet off (which he had originally claimed was taking the pain away from his wrist). He handed it over to Frank.

“W. is a 32-year old young man who had been on TB treatment for six months over a year ago. Usually one needs to be on at least 9 months. He had an appendix op. 10 years ago. When we visited him, he was in severe pain since Sunday. He is extremely thin. He had also been bitten by a snake last week and was due to return to the clinic today for an injection. We gave him a note to see Jenny at ASM tomorrow to be tested for HIV and TB and see if she could figure out why he is in such pain. He also said he didn’t know Jesus. We talked to him and he asked Jesus into his heart! We prayed for him and left with him a Bible.

“Two older men across the street from W., B. and A., asked for prayer. When I asked them if they knew Jesus, they also said no. After explaining who Jesus is, they both asked Jesus into their hearts. Praise the Lord!!”


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