Frank and Ruthie Wey Report (9)

“Mamatji [care worker] brought us to visit a lady who attends church with her. In December this lady was involved in a car accident. On the way to the hospital the same day, she was involved in a second car accident!!! Her leg is extremely swollen and looks bad. We prayed for encouragement for her and she will have a check-up the 17th of March.

“S. takes care of nine children, three of which are orphans!! Her husband passed away and she is so extremely stressed. We prayed, left food and gave her some rand and encouraged her. She does receive some orphan grants and grants for her own, younger children.

“Yesterday we visited M. He was born in 1982. He is so very thin. He defaulted on his TB treatment for MDR TB when he was started on ARV’s. He cried as the nurses were talking to him. He is the age of my children and my heart ached. I told him how much Jesus loved him and that He had sent us all the way from America to see him. We left him with prayer, a Bible, and told him he must go to the clinic and re-start TB treatment. We pray they will send him to Bongani Hospital.”


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