Frank and Ruthie Wey Report (10)

“Today in Jerusalem we met Mp., a 26-year old male on ARV’s. He was involved in a car accident and told me he had problems with his brain, though he seemed fine to me. I prayed for him and gave him 2 Timothy 1:7. He has no ID and built a one room house that has no roof or windows. We will ask John to come and take a look at it and get an estimate.

“L. is a patient of Mamatji [care worker] with TB of the stomach – another one I never heard of. She was in obvious pain. TB seems to be the real killer here. She lost her 18-year old son two weeks ago to MDR TB. She has two children still at home, 12 and 10 years of age. MHBCP is in the process of trying to get her husband a grant. She cried when I spoke to her and prayed. We left her with a Bible and food.”


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