Frank and Ruthie Wey Report (11)

“A couple of days ago I was taken to a house where an old woman lived. Her granddaughter was caring for her. The old granny was about 100 years old. Her granddaughter was probably in her 50’s. She was worried because the old granny refused to go to the hospital. I walked into the room and saw the old woman lying back on a couch. There was a smell of death in the room. I knew from experience that she did not have many more days to live. I told the nurse that I thought it best to let her die at home rather than in some hospital where they would not even care for her. The nurse agreed.

“Then I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to ask the old granny (through the nurse interpreting) if she knew Jesus. She said “No.” I then had the privilege of leading her to Jesus and seeing her be born again. The smile on that old tired face was precious. She held my hand with all the strength she could muster and I told her she could go on to be with Jesus in heaven now. She smiled and closed her eyes. It was a moment made in heaven. Our Father had kept her alive till we were able to tell her about His Son and see her saved for eternity.”


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