Frank and Ruthie Wey Report (13)

“We visited Sa., a 29-year old male. He was extremely sick with very laboured breathing. He is on ARV’s and his mama is caring for him. I was told his CD4 count was 5, extraordinarily low. He took his girlfriend with him in December to be tested for HIV and she too was positive. They told her she was positive for TB but said he was negative. We are quite sure he was suffering with TB. An ambulance was called and he was admitted to Themba Hospital. I knelt on the floor and held his hand and prayed for him and told him to hang onto Jesus. He looked at me like he knew exactly what I was saying and didn’t want me to let go of his hand.

“In Phola we met Kr. She is on ARV’s for 2 years. She is holding a baby with a large bump on his chest. Her husband passed away when she was 5 months pregnant with this child. She has 4 children. Her husband’s family kicked her out of the house when he passed away. She now lives in her mother’s house. Her mother and sister have also passed away. Sometimes, the sorrow and suffering here are overwhelming. We left food and prayer, of course and a Bible.

“A happy case was N. We visited her last year and she was very sick lying in bed. We had sent her to ASM. This year she was up and smiling and very well. Praise the Lord!!”

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