Ng. Family ID Update

I am including an extract from an email I had from Mike today about the Ng. family mentioned in yesterday’s prayer:
“I write to give you feedback on the identity documents issue of the Ng. siblings, and I’m afraid to tell you that it is not going to be easy. I recently summoned the siblings to each go to their primary and high school and ask the head of the school to write a brief letter confirming that they were indeed students of the particular schools, from which date until when.
I also asked the siblings to go to their local tribal authority to acquire a written letter confirming that they  indeed reside within the jurisdiction of the tribal authority. They were also successful in acquiring this letter too.
I then wrote a affidavit that states the Ng. siblings story since the beginning until to date and sent Claudia, the OVC care worker along with the Si. and her younger brother to go to the police station to rewrite and get a stamp. This was also was also done successfully too.
Claudia and the siblings along with all the necessary documentation then left for the Department of Home Affairs to try and apply for the identities. But when they finally arrived and waited in a long queue, the official at the Department attended them and went through all the documentation. The official then told them that due they needed to go to the hospitals that they were born to get proof that they were born in S. Africa.
Claudia and I are currently looking for a way in which we can approach this situation, because apparently Si. was born in Johannesburg and came to live in Mpumalanga with her late mom and dad. upon further inquiries we found out that Th. was born at home and later taken to the nearest hospital many years ago. So we are really trying our best to help the siblings out, and the worst part of this story is that Th. is the one who is going to suffer more because of his coming grade 12 exams which he needs the identity number to register for.”

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