Frank and Ruthie Wey Report (14)

“We went to a wake. Lucy’s (a careworker in Jerusalem) brother had passed away. It is the 2nd “funeral” already this year. We waited in a hallway of the house, as a large group of relatives were leaving. They all shook our hands as they passed us. Then we entered the room singing with the nurses and the rest of the Jerusalem careworkers. The mama is sitting in the corner on a mat on the floor with her back to the wall and her legs straight out. Other close relatives (all women) are sitting in similar fashion on the floor around the room. There are chairs set up for visitors. Hovy [careworker] speaks to the mama and family in SiSwati and then asks Frank to preach. This time someone interpreted for Frank. Everyone prays and then a plate is passed around for donations towards funeral costs. We form a line and shake hands or hug each of the family present, including the mama. Outside there is a large tent where juice is served along with biscuits that family and friends have made.”


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