Frank and Ruthie Wey Report (15 )

“G. is a 20-year old man who is on ARV’s and TB medicine. He is quite sick and does not seem to be improving with the TB med. We sent him to ASM, but so far he has not shown up. He lives with his granny, who cares for four grandchildren. She too is on ARV’s.

“We sent Se. to ASM. She is the aunt of Queen, a careworker in Mtimba. She has an 8-yr. old child. Se. is on ARV’s and has been coughing up blood.

“Ny. is in his 30’s. He worked in a mine and had an accident there 6 months ago. He was left paralyzed and brain-damaged. His mama is on ARV’s and has high blood pressure and cares for him.

“Si. is a young woman of 33, who lost one eye to cancer not long ago. She has a 6-month old baby. She also cares for her sister’s 3 children, one of whom is severely handicapped.  Her sister passed away. We left her transport money to Themba hospital, where they will transport her to Witbank for a check up on her eye. When we brought the food, the little handicapped girl was so very excited. I gave her a bracelet that my granddaughter, Gianna, had made and she was so very happy.”

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