Frank and ruthie Wey Report (18)

“A couple of weeks ago, the Toyota Venture we drive in the community every day needed service. There is no money for this because no donor wants to give to this. We put $300 into it and now it runs again.

Unfortunately, the major sponsors for all of the workers ended their annual sponsorship at the end of March and now no one is getting paid. There are over 40 workers in the community who will still visit the sick, the dying, the orphans because they do it for the Lord. We will leave them with as much food as we can fit in their storage room and they will give it to people in need even though they will not be getting paid. This is the heart of Jesus at work in the people we are honored to work with every day. Sponsors may or may not come back but these Christians will carry on because they are true servants of Jesus. Praise the Lord!”

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