Frank and Ruthie Wey (19)

“We visited the home of Du., the deaf lady we had helped last year. The front gate in her doorway was locked but we could see through the bars that she was sleeping. Of course, we tried shouting but she couldn’t hear us. I went around to the window above her bed and found that a pane of glass was missing so I took a small bag of peanuts, reached in and dropped it onto her hand. She woke immediately, looked at the peanuts and smiled excitedly. Then she looked up and saw Hovy and I at her window. She unlocked the door and came outside. It was so nice to see her again but she is still struggling with no income and no food – except what Hovy gives her and what Masoyi Home Based Care gives her. Her spirits were still high as she praised the Lord for sending us back to her to pray for her.”

One thought on “Frank and Ruthie Wey (19)

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