Frank and Ruthie Wey (20)

“We are so blessed to have wonderful women like Mamatji accompany us. She is a driver, a preacher and a nurse (none professionally). She consoles patients like Th., who had a stroke three weeks ago and was crying. Mamatji rubs her back and speaks to her about Jesus and comforts her. I prayed for Th.’s daughter, who cares for her mother. She cried as I did. I told her I understand how difficult it is to take care of a sick mother, as I had also done so. They were both grateful for prayer and a Bible.

Cy. was a disturbing case. She has 3 children, girl about 8, boy about 11 and a baby. She and her little girl are on ARV’s. The children were very helpful opening doors and so sweet smiling at me. Just before we left, we discovered that her husband beats her and her two older children. Her only family lives far away in Bloemfontein. The workers advised she report her husband to the police. I pray they will actually do something. I was assured they would. Please keep her and her children in your prayers.”


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