Frank and Ruthie Wey Report (21)

Th. was a very sad case. She is a thin gogo of 54 years, who appears much older. We learned that last August her 15-year old daughter went to the Jerusalem Clinic to deliver her baby. She was left alone for hours. When someone came in to see her at 4 am, she and her baby were dead. The community was outraged. We were told that the EFF [political party] gathered them and they protested at the clinic, threatening the nurses there and throwing bricks at the clinic. This year, they have been building another clinic next to the old one, and we now suspect this is the reason why. Unfortunately, the care at the local clinics leaves much to be desired. We prayed for Th., gave her food and a Bible.  We always tell the patients when they thank us to “Siyabonga Jesu”. We thank Jesus! He is the reason for their help.

We leave food parcels at many homes, as so many are on ARV’s and have no income. It’s so very sad and overwhelming.”

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