Frank and Ruthie Wey Report (22)

“Je. is a 43-year old man lying in bed in Manzini, who was very sick. He said he couldn’t walk for the past few days. The only one with him is his 5-year old son, who was fetching his father water when we arrived. We were told that his wife “ran away” a while ago. My heart broke for this sweet little child. Je. had defaulted on his ARV’s but had re-started 2 months ago. We sent him to ASM. I was concerned as to how he would get there but he assured us he would have some relative help him. As of yet, he has not shown up at ASM. Tomorrow we return to Manzini so we will check up on him.

“We sent Th. to Acts Clinic also to have an X-ray to determine if she has TB, as she has many signs and symptoms of it. Local clinics only check sputum and this apparently doesn’t always discover the TB.

“Ma. is a young man of 36 years who had a stroke a year ago. We have seen so many strokes this year. His condition isn’t as bad as many others. He was so very happy to get a Bible and when I gave him a verse, he was so excited as he read it. Thank you Jesus! He can no longer work and has no income, so we left food also.”


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