Frank and Ruthie Wey Report (23)

“In Legogote, we met Jo. She is near 100 years old!! I’m told she was one of the first patients of MHBC back in 1997! She was lying down when we came in and prayed for her and I thought she was quite sick. I was so surprised when her daughter came in and pulled her up into a sitting position. Jo. then proceeded to speak to us and smile!

“Annah is one of the careworkers. We visited her younger sister, Es., who lives with her. Es. had a stroke and has been in bed for the past 19 years. We have seen her in past years and she was so delighted to see us. Annah, who herself must be near 70, takes exceptional care of Es. She said Es. too was one of the first MHBC patients.

“We also visited two orphan-headed homes in Legogote. I had been to the first one previously with Claudia and Tumelo in years past. Th. is the oldest. She is 31 years old and cares for her four siblings. The oldest is 18 and is a bit slow and needs a special school, as she is struggling. The youngest is about 6. Th. is a wonderful young woman who is very wise and has gotten a government home built and orphan grants for her siblings. These are larger than child grants. Thus, she can survive on the grants.”


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