A New Home in 2017?

In 2016, Masoyi Trust (UK) was able to fund two new houses for orphaned and vulnerable families as a result of a single large donation.  This year, we hope to be able to fund one at a cost of £3-3,500, and have already put aside half this sum.  Below is part of a report on the family the Project would like to benefit.  Their shack is covered in white plastic on the outside, and is somewhat dangerously wired on the inside!

“This family consists of two siblings who lost their mother a few years ago after a short illness.  Pr. is 15 years and her younger brother, Si., is 10 years old.  They live in a one- room shack that is divided into a bedroom and kitchen. The two siblings were abandoned by their elder sister after their mother’s funeral.

1. Exterior

“They have been beneficiaries of our food parcel programme since July 2016 until now. The two are currently doing grade 5 and 9 respectively at a local primary school, where they are doing quite well.

5. Interior

“After visiting their home and assessing their house and living conditions, the team concluded that it was right for us to build them a warm and safe home, where they can live in and feel secure. Both siblings get a monthly child support grant from the government, which is managed by their grandmother who lives not far from the sibling’s shack.”

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