Jo and Dan (2)

“At the Youth Skills Development Centre, we were welcomed by a team including Charlotte and Pastor Hovy; he was humbled to know that we had been praying for him as a family in the UK, since he had been included in the Masoyi Trust UK prayer update.
We also saw the woodwork, beading, jewellery and sewing work done at K3, and were saddened to hear that sewing machines have recently been stolen from the facility.


“At Jerusalem Clinic, we met with Homebased Care workers, including, Thuli, Matholwa, Grace and Lucy on the picture with Jo.  We drove with them to meet a local Councillor so that Mike [Project Admin.] could negotiate on behalf of 18-yr old Do. who needs his granted temporary shelter to be extended by a few months whilst the Project collect funds to build a replacement house for him.

10. Thuli, Matholwa, Jo, Grace and Lucy

Thuli, Matholwa, Jo, Grace and Lucy

“Do.’s grandmother sadly passed away last year, leaving Do. unable to sustain himself in a termite-ridden house, which is now dilapidated. The Project are making his case a priority as it is clear to them and to his Grade 7 teacher that he is keen to do well for himself if he can.

“We then visited 14-yr Ha., who lives with her parents and two siblings; no one is earning in this house, but today they received their final food parcel from the Project.  Ha. came across as strong and indeed happy, in spite of sadly recently being the victim of an attempted rape. The local Councillor assured us that the attacker had since been apprehended and locked up. It’s clear that Mamatjie [healthcare worker] has a good and trusting relationship with this family, and that Mike has established a strong rapport with the Councillor.


“We also visited 24-yr old Ta., who is keeping up with 13a. Ta. with food parcelher treatment for AIDS, since 2015. Her home was recently partially destroyed by fire and her windows broken, following allegations against her brother. Her brother has now fled the area, leaving Ta. to look after her 2-yr old daughter, despite ill health.  She was given a food parcel and also health care advice about cleaning wounds.”


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