Jo and Dan (3)

“Today, following a resounding prayer, praise and preach session led by several voices acapela (who needs Gareth Malone?!?!) harmonising beautifully and focusing on the mercy and provision of The Lord in spite if our grumbling. Ex17:1-7… Dan and I giving thanks for Mike’s ability to translate so readily for us! Especially as Pastor Mfundu is a very enthusiastic preacher to say the least.
14. Food parcels in bakkie
We then helped Selinah and team pack a Bakkie of food for delivery to K3. Then Selinah accompanied us to the Lula Centre and left us to get to know the staff and children there.


They were very welcoming and we enjoyed helping with a story about Samson and Delilah, provision of breakfast, being pawed and climbed upon at break time, sharing a huge cake provided by the grandfather of today’s birthday girl, and finding out from Loveness about the history of benefactors and also about current funding situation, hopes and needs at the Lula Centre.  We helped the staff serve lunch of pap, greens and fish, and then left the children as they went for their afternoon nap.  We have promised to stay in touch with the teachers: Sandile, Margaret, Gertrude and Lizzie.


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