Jo and Dan (4)

Jo: “The Team at Masoyi Homebased Care have made us feel very welcome, and we have accompanied them on visits to schools and vulnerable families, and have been able to gain the beginnings of an understanding of the need here. Most especially we are praying for the orphans and vulnerable young people we are briefly coming into contact with.22. Lula pre-school, Dan

“It’s also a real encouragement to hear that some of the Masoyi HBC staff and volunteers are orphans themselves who were assisted as children and have then stayed with MHBC in order to further continue the work they so benefitted from. Dan’s getting a really good taster of what his Gap Year could look like!”

Dan: “A difference that I have noticed whilst doing the visit to the preschool, with children aged 2-5, the Lula Centre, was just how well behaved the children were. It was one of the children’s birthday when we were there, and so her grandfather had provided a massive cake. And whilst the teachers were cutting the cake, a large piece for the birthday girl, all the other children just stood there patiently and watched.

18. Lula pre-school“Then the teacher told us to come and get some cake for ourselves, and during all this the children continued to wait patiently. Finally they were allowed to line up and get their own pieces, and they did just line up and all waited for their own turn. It was quite amazing to see it, because in the UK there is no way you would have got children to stand and wait patiently like that, and then also to wait for their own turn. It just wouldn’t happen, so that was a really amazing thing to see.”


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