Jo and Dan Report (7)

“We spent the day walking around K3 area with Papa Hovy and MHBC care worker Rose. They are such gentle and humble people to work with, who have a lovely rapport with those they are ministering to.

“We first met cancer sufferer Al.’s brother who has said that he will try to find 12-yr old Eu.’s mother’s family so that Al. and Eu. can be assured of any support from the wider family.

“We then tried to visit Ma., who Papa Hovy found very poorly last week; she lives alone but was not home, so Papa Hovy left his “calling card” of two water carriers outside the front door. 53. Hovy, no one at home

“We also tried to visit another elderly lady, Eu., but her son told us she had gone to the clinic.

“We popped back to visit and pray with Th. Ng., who was home with two friends and her baby.  Papa Hovy clearly has a good rapport with Th.

“We met and chatted and danced and prayed with 85-yr old Gogo Le. and her daughter-in-law Ev, both full of joyful thanks for our visit.
55a. Jo & 85-yr Gogo Le., dancing
“We met and prayed with Te., who looks after her Mum and niece. Te.’s mum had a stroke and is paralysed on the right hand side and wheelchair-bound. (I’m sorry I’ve not noted her name).

“We visited 57-yr old cancer sufferer Ge., who is in a lot of pain. She is being looked after by her sister. They went to hospital on Monday but she was not seen, although she is clearly in need of medical attention. Rose took photos and is going to refer her onwards, possibly to the [ACTS?] clinic. We were able to pray with her and we left R150 to cover transport to the hospital.

“We then had a pleasant visit with Gogo Ca. and Gogo Jo., and prayed for them, t

54a. Gogo, Jo, Rose

heir ailments and their families. We met several of the grandchildren who greeted us nicely.

“Our final visit was with the two youngest orphans of the Ma. family, who were being looked after by their older siblings. The older siblings (28 & 21) now have families of their own, leaving 14-yr old Pr. and 10yr-old Si. to live by themselves in a makeshift shack near their grandma’s house. They are continuing with their studies (grade 9 & grade 4).  Selinah has assessed their situation, and the Project are hoping to find funding for a house for them.”


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