Food Parcel Deliveries

From Mike: “The food parcels programme has seen many happy and positive attitudes come out of the families that benefit from it, according to Sellinah Nyapela, our OVC coordinator, who is responsible for ensuring that the families are visited and that their needs are met. Sellinah confirms that she has seen a great change in the families, with the children in particular becoming very positive towards life, and that their self-esteem has grown enormously.15a. Food parcel delivery

Sellinah and her team continue with regular home visits, to meet the children’s emotional and spiritual needs. The food parcels still play a very important part in the beneficiaries’ lives, and it enables them to go to bed with a full stomach, and to wake up and look forward to a better and brighter day ahead.”

9a. Food parcel delivery8a. Food parcel delivery7a. Food parcel delivery6a. Food parcel delivery

[We blur the faces of clients as a simple means of protecting their dignity and identity.  It is not ideal because you are not able to see their smiles, frowns and other expressions, but at least we are able to show you some of the work that goes on in Masoyi.]

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