Frank and Ruthie Wey (2)

Please pray as they prepare for their trip in late January:

“We will again be visiting the sick, the dying, the poor, the orphans, the widows and everyone the Lord puts before us. We ask that you pray for us. Ruthie and I need the courage and boldness to speak the name of Jesus and exercise the authority He has given us with everyone we meet, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

As in the past, we will endeavor to assist people in the name of Jesus with food, clothes, money, school uniforms, home repairs and various other necessities along with providing them with Holy Bibles, scriptural advice, encouragement and prayer. Orphan food is also a priority for us.

To this end, we are asking for your prayers and any support you can offer these people during the time we will be there. Every dollar will go to the people of Masoyi in one way or another. Your intervention on their behalf is so crucial to our mission. Last year we were able to provide food to the sick and dying, to orphans and to the volunteer workers. Additionally, we used the donations you provided to buy school uniforms, to purchase and distribute around 400 Holy Bibles to new Christians and those who didn’t have one. We continued to fund a food bank for orphans at a local food warehouse with $6000 as well providing food for the sick with $5000.”

3 thoughts on “Frank and Ruthie Wey (2)

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  2. Dear Frank and Rithie. Sending prayers for great provision for all the needs to be met. I think of you often and talk about my time with you to many people . I am working on starting a mission myself and your work do inspires me. I hope we can keep in touch
    Kay Kopp from Ohio


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